Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scent Inspirations

Its been quite awhile since I've shared my scent inspirations with you all. The first was inspired by the feather fashion trend. That scent actually made it to my product line as Arabesque. I was later inspired by a funky piece of furniture. Today I called on my Twitter friends for inspiration from their favorite songs. Thanks to @_JenniferElaine, @Relax_Naturally and @Krissy90220 for playing along.

Purple Rain (Prince)

The music and the melody of this song inspire a deep, heavy, sultry blend. In my mind I see (smell)a heavy floral top note anchored by a touch of spice and rounded off with a hint of musk or vanilla. My florals of choice would be rose, tuberose and/or lavender. For a spicey note I'm leaning toward carnation. A leather note would be kind of sexy in this blend too but minus the vanilla or musk.

Money Honey (Lady GaGa)

This song is fun, but its hot too. I think a citrus blend is fitting. I imagine a combination of grapefruit and lime top notes, ylang ylang to add something sweet to the blend with ginger and balsam peru at the base.

Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel)

What a lovely song! I drew inspiration from the lyrics of this song because while listening to it I seemed to totally ignore the music. For me this song is the epitome of a mother's love; constant, free and unconditional. This scent has to be warm, inviting and comforting. My vision is a benzoin and/or vanilla base, a nutmeg and clove heart and a touch of jasmine to make it complete.

I plan to experiment with each of these fragrances in the near future. I enjoy the creative process of turning my vision into reality.

Thanks ladies for the inspiration!


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