Monday, March 2, 2009

Maintenance Monday: Its OK to be Vain

Vanity is such a controversial subject. I know it was for me for quite awhile. I have always been accused of being vain by family members and I always thought it was such a negative characteristic. With age and understanding, I have learned to embrace this quality.

By definition vanity is excessive pride in one's appearance, qualities, abilities and achievements. How could someone ever be too proud of who they are?! Vanity is only negative when it seeks to downplay another... but at that point I don't think it's vanity at all, that's insecurity. I had the privilege of meeting a wonderful model and esteem coach about a year ago. She always emphasized not to feel threatened by or compare yourself to anyone else because no one can be you like you can. I've always lived by this philosophy, but it was amazing to me how her coaching changed the attitudes of so many women in that room. They began to exude a confidence that they didn't have when they walked in because it was not hard to believe that she was right.

I believe that when you care about your appearance, qualities, abilities and achievements, it encourages you to always do more to be better. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! So today I challenge you to be vain and embrace it wholeheartedly. Be who you are and do it well... and while you're at it, show someone else how to do it too.


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