Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

August 11, 2010 marked the first anniversary of Envie Bath and Body. While most people would've found some way to celebrate that milestone, I merely mentioned it briefly on twitter and moved on. Even the fact that I acknowledged the day as being slightly special was big for me. For some reason that is unclear to even me, I rarely "celebrate" anything that I've accomplished. It could be because I have endless goals and dreams. As soon as I reach a goal, it's on to the next. No more than a week ago, I flipped through one of my lab notebooks from college. Looking at that notebook and all the textbooks and notes it was among reminded me of just how hard I've worked to get to where I am. I promised myself that I would begin to celebrate more along my journey... starting now.

*cupcakes, confetti, balloons, and horns* HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!

In just the first year, I have managed to acquire several projects, hosted a fragrance event, had product placement in "swag bags", met a bunch of amazing people, traveled to New York and Chicago on business, written articles for a major industry mag *to be published soon :-) and positioned the company for monumental growth in the next year among other things.

When I actually think about it, I'm proud of myself. So here's my pat on the back... What's next? :-D

I hope you take the time to revel in your greatness as well! Here's to the Glam Life!


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