Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eating Pretty

If a poll was taken of all my friends and family, it would reveal that I like to eat just as much as I like to 'get pretty'. Why not make it a package deal? I've found that certain staples in my diet actually work wonders for my skin. Here's why:

First and most important... I stay away from fast food. Of course I grab a burger every once in awhile, but home cooking has greater appeal to my appetite. Besides its more economical to cook, the money I save on food can be used to buy clothes and shoes. ;-) Whole foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries) are rich in vitamins and minerals, many of which your body does not produce on its own.

Vitamin A prevents dry, flaky skin and helps maintain epithelial tissue (covers organs/organisms- your skin). Cantaloupe, Papaya and other citrus fruits contain Vitamin A. Pro-vitamin A (beta-carotene) protects your skin from sun damage and prevents wrinkling and age spots. Its like sunscreen from the inside out! Dark skin on fruits and vegetables is an indication of the presence of beta-carotene.

The same foods that have a high content of Vitamin A usually have a good amount of Vitamin C as well. Vitamin C is not just good for your immune system; it works wonders for your skin too! It is an anti-oxidant that improves skin cell turnover (younger cells=younger skin) and the formation of collagen. Collagen is responsible for skin elasticity and firmness which results in a more youthful appearance. Similarly, Vitamin E reduces the production of collagenase (anti-collagen) which causes skin sagging and wrinkles. Nuts and leafy green vegetables are a good source of Vitamin E. Add some fish and whole grains to your diet to aid in normal oil production thanks to the Vitamin B they contain. And for you notorious tea sippers; switch to green tea which speeds up the skin cycle and reverses aging.

So my suggested pretty eating plan is-- have a fruit salad for breakfast (use fruit that is in season) Organic is good too I guess... I'm not an organic fanatic. For a snack, pop some nuts and have a cup of green tea. Have a green salad for lunch. And finally have fish for dinner a couple times a week--- try salmon, trout and tuna... but be careful too much fish can lead to mercury poisoning.

While I love playing in my makeup on occasion, natural beauty is very important to me... so here's to eating pretty!!! Tell me how it works for you.


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