Thursday, February 19, 2009

Timeless Treasure: AMBI

Now owned by Johnson & Johnson, this 43 year old cosmetic line has passed the test of time. AMBI skincare products are made specifically for (multi-cultural) women of color. The products are designed to eliminate dark imperfections, even skin-tone and improve the overall health of pigmented skin. The main products-- fade creams and beauty bars-- were staples in the African American household for decades.

When Johnson & Johnson bought the brand in 2004, they began the 2 year quest to update the product image and improve the product formula. The key to success was to conduct an extensive survey of the target market so that the re-formulated products addressed specific issues. Based on this study, AMBI emerged with three successful products. To further increase the recognition and success of the brand, Johnson & Johnson reshelved the AMBI products so that they are now situated among the general skin care products as opposed to ethnic products.

I think the biggest contributor to the AMBI brand success is their dedication to educating the consumer and being a 'skin care advisor'. AMBI travels to various multi-cultural family oriented events with a crew of aestheticians to give one on one skin care consultations. Let's give a hand to a company that is hands on!


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