Friday, February 13, 2009

Fresh Idea Friday: It Just Spoke To Me!

I was thumbing through my January issue of Styleline (Metro Detroit) and I came across this chair. It just spoke to me! I have a tendency to be drawn to odd pieces. Something about this chair is classic and conservative yet funky and fresh. As you already know, I draw inspiration from all sorts of different sources. This is the flavor of the day.

The bright colors offer a grand contrast against the sterile white background... and the print is a combination of tropical jungle and paisley?! Whatever it is I love it. So what scent did it inspire? Maybe a floral base with citrus and berry top notes... it will definitely be something fun, feminine and flirty but sophisticated enough for the professional glam woman!

The scent inspired by this crazy looking chair will be included in the signature series of my company. Look for it!

Oh, by the way.... if you love this chair like I do, you can find it at Pottery Barn (Brooks Slipcover Chair in Bettina) for a cool $629-829.


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