Friday, February 6, 2009

In Black and White

My inspiration for my cosmetic line comes from just about everything; jewelry, fashion, furniture, nature, colors--- you get the picture. Today I'm focused on a timeless fashion staple... black and white. I've had a thing for this color scheme for about 7 years now... I'm so fortunate that it never goes out of style! At any rate, I'm in search of some interesting perfume and/or apothecary bottles and I thought "how classy would a black and white bottle be?!" So armed with inspiration from two very fashionable dresses, I began my hunt for some haute fragrance bottles. TaDaaaaa!!!!

I think the best way to compliment such a straight forward look is to soften it with feminine makeup (no lipstick, just gloss or stain) and a light fragrance-- something floral or citrus. Let's face it, when wearing the most contrasting color scheme you're commanding enough attention!!!


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