Friday, February 20, 2009

Fresh Idea Friday: PINK

One of the many objectives of my company is to make charitable contributions to organizations that work to improve the overall health and well being of women. One of the charities I chose to support is the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. In honor of this cause, I will create a series in my line dedicated to breast cancer awareness.

The inspiration for the PINK scent stems from the very popular pink ribbon. The pink ribbon represents more than a fight for breast health to me. I see it as a symbol of a woman's shining glory during times of adversity, femininity and strength, perseverance and love. Fighting the disease that attacks the very essence of a woman, her most feminine attribute, is quite a glamorous task. I say that because a glam woman is a strong woman. She doesn't lose herself in her sufferings and everything she experiences makes her a better woman. And to top all of that off, some women even leave the ordeal with a brand new pair of perky, pretty boobies! (I think we all wish for that at some point or another).

The rhinestone pink ribbon represents the glam breast cancer survivor. The feisty, jazzy little thing that loves to play in makeup and wear expensive perfume. That gorgeous woman who didn't let breast cancer take her down wears this ribbon as a badge of honor. And those who lost a loved one to the disease wear it as a reminder of that pretty lady who will forever be a resident in their hearts...

I joined the fight because I believe there is hope for healing. One day, breast cancer patients will no longer have to weigh the odds... survival will be an absolute. I'll toast to that!


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