Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lady Lauder

In my quest to launch my cosmetic company, I thought it necessary to learn how the most successful companies came to be. So... every friday we will explore the big names in beauty. I chose to start with Estee Lauder because it is timeless, well noted and one of the first names that comes to mind in fine cosmetics and fragrances. The woman behind this company was such a power house! And let me be the first to tell you I'm all about the ambitious woman!

The inception of this company stemmed from a cream made by the uncle of Josephine Esther Mentzer (Estee Lauder). In 1944 Lady Lauder began pushing her product line in New York salons and small scale department stores and soon enough she landed counter space in Saks Fifth Ave. She personally traveled the country training her staff in the proper way to relate to customers and sell the products; teaching them her philosophy. Estee Lauder was the first company to offer free samples as a marketing strategy; one that I think is ingenious and truly necessary. Over the years, Mrs. Lauder's desire to beautify women and drive to succeed led to the inclusion of perfumery and a host of other cosmetic companies under the Estee Lauder umbrella [Clinique, Prescriptives, Origins to name a few]. Estee Lauder truly left a legacy for her family, aspiring cosmetic scientists and entrepreneurs worldwide.

There are so many parallels between Lady Lauder and myself that after reading her story I am even more inspired, excited and encouraged to keep moving closer to my dreams.

Follow the link in my References list to learn more about Estee Lauder, the lady and the legend.


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