Thursday, February 12, 2009

Timeless Treasures Thursday: Coty, Inc

Coty was never a household name for me until I began my hunt for the perfect cosmetic company to work for. Now that I am developing my own company, I wanted to know what led to the success of Coty, Inc. Coty, Inc was founded in 1904 (wow! talk about timeless treasure!) by a Corsican by the name of Francois Spoturno-- the name a spin off from his mother's maiden name Coti. A company of humble beginnings, Spoturno built his first makeshift laboratory in his flat. After just four years of marketing his first fragrance, he was profitable enough to open a factory. With the new factory also came a new face powder. Coty, Inc catered to the most wealthy patrons, but also offered smaller sizes of his products at prices a young Parisian girl could afford.

Coty, Inc continued to introduce new products, and was the first to manufacture a series of products in the same scent (great idea, its still widely used). The company proved to be ahead of rhe pack not only in product development but in the containers and packaging it used as well. Over the years the company has changed hands several times due to death and retirement, but it is still a fierce competitor in the industry. Coty, Inc is now a subsidiary of Joh. A. Benckiser GmbH. Notable brands include: Lady Stetson, Rimmel and Calgon.

To read more on the history of Coty, Inc follow the link in my References section.


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